Body, Mind, Soul

Reiki Healing

Reiki is a healing modality that is gentle and relaxing and holistically heals the body, mind and soul via the energetic pathways of the body with life-force energy. 

It is a therapy that has short-term and long-term benefits, beginning most commonly with stress relief and confidence building.

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How can reiki help me?


Reiki is a wonderful healing modality to supplement and support your healing journey. It helps you create and maintain a state of peace, ease and light-heartedness in life.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Relieves Muscle Tension

Energises and Balances the Body

Increses rate of Recovery from Injury

Promotes Deep Relaxation

Strengthens the Immune System

Reiki Rewards Program

The more Reiki the merrier!

Reiki has short-term and long term benefits ranging from stress and anxiety relief for the next few days to a balanced body and mind with regular sessions.

To reward you as you empower your healing journey check out the rewards program. 

Simply rebook within 24 hours to claim the next session discount.


First Reiki Session ever!

What to expect

A reiki practitioner will usually  practice with a massage table in a room that is calming with nice gentle music, the room smells nice and the room will often be arranged to allow the energy to flow smoothly. 

A reiki practitioner will cleanse the space with reiki symbols or with a smudging stick of some sort.

The first 20 minutes of a reiki session is the most important. This is when we tell our mind to sit back from the drivers seat and to allow healing to occur. I find the biggest obstacle most first timers face is a mind full of critical thoughts. This blocks the process or as I like to say, "kinks the hose".

Feeling safe, calm and in a state of trust is the best way to set yourself up for a good session and your reiki practitioner will help you to do this. 

Once on the massage table, the practitioner will cover you to your shoulders with a blanket. You remain fully clothed ( so wear something comfortable if you can).

The next step can vary as most of the previous steps, but this is when the practitioner will begin to connect to source energy and divine energies. I personally align my energy centres and set an intention to be a clear channel for the life force energy to pass through me, to the client.

Your only job from this point on is to relax. Sink into the massage bed, feel heavy and do your best to not judge any thoughts that come along. Simply let your thoughts be as they are and trust, that is important,  that you are worthy of divine healing light and healing will take place.

Upon finishing you may feel drowsy from being so relaxed or energised, this varies from person to person. Your healing journey is completely unique to you.

Reiki for first timers can vary from person to person but what I see in most of my clients is that the individual can be a little sensitive for the following 2-3 days. When booking a reiki session be mindful of the other appointments you have throughout your day. Make sure you give yourself time to process the healing that has just occurred. 

Reiki is a subtle healing force. It doesn't write down in big black letters what blockages were removed or what aspects of yourself you are mending , it will unfold in a very spiritual way throughout your journey in this lifetime. This is why I recommend that first timers book at least 3 sessions as you may be feeling sensitive after your first 2 and will need a 3 session to close the cycle.

Fear not being sensitive. You can pop in any time during Dare to Ignite Holistic Healing's office hours for a cup of tea of coffee for some free support and guidance.

Remember to drink water

Water is the key to a healthy life and is a key component to an empowered healing journey. It allows your body to effectively remove toxins and to flow with ease. Drink at least 1 glass of water before your session.